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The Dulles Beach Volleyball League offers two sessions in 2017: Spring (June 19 - August 17) and Summer (August 28 - October 19). The cost for each team is $250 per session.

The Registration "DULLES BEACH VOLLEYBALL LEAGUE" is not currently available.

Click on the division to see the schedule and results.

Division Level Days Times
Coed Sixes BB Tuesdays 7-10 pm
Coed Fours A A Wednesdays 7-10 pm
Coed Fours BB BB Wednesdays 7-10 pm

Court Rental Procedures

  • View the available time slots here.
  • Contact Dulles Golf Center (703)404-8800, no sooner than one-week in advance, to check court availability. If you need to schedule something more than a week out, please contact Seng Chiu.  His email address is:
  • Rental costs are $50 per hour per court. 
  • If you must cancel your rental for any reason, including inclement weather, please notify the Dulles Golf Center.
  • The volleyball parking lot is in the Baronwood Lot (also called Dulles Design Center), which is located on the left side (near the HillTop Tent), just before the miniature golf course. 
  • Alcoholic beverages are prohibited. 
  • No pets are allowed.

The Dulles Volleyball will be offering sand volleyball training and tournaments for juniors as well as administering the Dulles Beach Volleyball League that is open to both juniors and adults.


Sand volleyball will be offered at the Dulles Golf Center & Sports Park located at: 21593 Jesse Court, Dulles, VA 20166.


A variety of leagues are offered to accommodate all levels of play whether you are a novice or a pro. Dulles Beach Volleyball courts rank among the best courts on the East Coast. 

League Descriptions

Dulles Beach Volleyball offers league options for all levels and types of play.

Coed Sixes BB:  Want to prove that you have the best backyard volleyball team in the neighborhood? Game on! Geared towards beginner/intermediate 6's teams who are looking for a challenge!

Coed Fours BB:  With only four players on the court, the intensity level increases significantly in this division. Geared towards intermediate players who can serve a serve and rally a ball.

Coed Fours A:  Geared towards intermediate and advanced players. It's our most popular division.

Coed Doubles A: For the intermediate to advanced player. Need to be able to serve to the same gender on the opposite side of the net. An occasional serve to husband and wife zone is allowed.

Men's Fours BB: A competitive league for intermediate players who are looking for intense, competitive play. It's a men's league...what else would you expect?!

Men's Fours A: For experienced, advanced players. You'll have no time to bury your head in the sand when playing in this division.

Women's Fours A: Finally a beach league where the net height can be adjusted for women! Geared towards the intermediate to advanced women players. Time for the boys to go home!

Men's Doubles AA: The most advanced DBV level and geared towards the AA/OPEN outdoor player. Playing for fun?! Not here! OK, maybe just a little.


1. All participants must park in the Baronwood lot, located on the left-hand side just before the miniature golf course.

2. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited.

3. Dogs are not allowed at the park or on the courts at any time.

4. Small children are not allowed within playing distance of the courts. Children are not allowed to play on the grassy hills near the courts. Parents are solely responsible for the supervision of their children.

5. Any unsportsmanlike conduct before, during, and/or after the match is punishable by suspension of the individual or team.

Disrespect to building directors, Dulles Golf Center and Sports Park or Dulles Beach Volleyball staff will result in penalties to the players and/or team involved. Penalties may include the player/team suspension for the season or longer as determined by DBV Administrator.

6. All beach volleyball players (including subs) are to abide by the direction of the Dulles Golf Center and Sports Park staff.

7. Games must begin promptly. If a team does not have enough players to begin match (see minimum requirements below), they are allowed 10 minutes, after which, the team forfeits its first game. Each 10 minutes thereafter, an additional game will be forfeited.

8. Coed team distribution of men/women: 6’s BB: must have at least 2 women and no more than 3 men; 6’s B must have at least 2 women and no more than 4 men; All COED 4’s teams must have at least 1 woman and no more than 2 men.

9. The minimum number of players needed to begin a match is as follows: 6’s - five players; 4’s - three players; 2’s - two players. Coed BB 6’s must have minimum of 2 women; Coed B 6’s must have minimum of 1 women; Coed 4’s must have at least 1 woman.

10. If minimum number of players are present, match must begin as scheduled. No waiting for additional players to arrive if team has the minimum requirement to play.

11. Without exception matches will end no later than one hour from the official start time of the match. This one hour time period includes team warm-up time.

12. Match consists of three games to 21. Rally scoring. Win by 2. Cap is 27-points. If time elapses prior to completion of the 3rd game, the team ahead wins. If the game is tied, one more point will be played to determine winner. Switching sides every 7 points.

13. If you must forfeit or reschedule a match for any reason, it is the captain’s responsibility to contact the opposing team’s captain AND the DBV Administrators.

14. If a team must forfeit a scheduled match, they may attempt to reschedule match only if the opposing team captain was contacted prior to the day of match and agrees to the make-up; and DBV was notified and approves the make-up. All scheduling of make-up matches are subject to court availability. If match has not been played by the end of the regular season, the match will be forfeited.

15. Website will be updated with all weather-related delays and or cancellations. Please note that games will only be delayed and/or cancelled if lighting or other safety risks are present. RAIN DOES NOT GUARANTEE THAT YOUR GAME WILL BE DELAYED OR CANCELLED! Be prepared to play!

16. Make-up match requests must be made through our website, via the Make-up Match Request form.

17. Rock-paper-scissors, flipping coin, or any mutually agreed upon method will determine who serves first (winner’s choice), then the serve will rotate from game to game.

18. COED Contact Rule: if the ball is contacted at least twice on a side, a female must have touched the ball. 

19. Open hand tips are not allowed in 2’s, however are legal for all other formats. (4’s, 6’s)

20. If a serve hits the net and goes over, it is in play (“let serve rule”). (APPLIES TO ALL LEVELS)

21. Block counts as a touch. (APPLIES TO DOUBLES ONLY)

22. Open-hand serve-receive allowed at the B and BB levels only; no open-hand serve-receive allowed at the A or AA level.

23. Teams do not have to rotate in 4's; other than keeping the correct serving order.

24. As long as it does not affect the opposing team’s play on the ball, 4’s and 2’s may go under net without violation. 6’s may not go under net.

25. As long as it does not affect the opposing team’s play on the ball, players are allowed to touch any part of the net except the top of the tape (top portion of the net). (ALL LEVELS)

26. Players are responsible for calling their own faults (nets, hands, etc.). If both teams are unable to come to an agreement and the DBV Administrators did not witness the fault, a redo will be the ruling.

27. Only 1 timeout per team/per game is allowed. Timeouts must not last more than 45 seconds.

28. During regular season, a player may play and/or sub on more than one team within the same league.

29. PLEASE NOTE: During playoffs, a team’s roster must be finalized and no player may be listed on more than one playoff

roster within the same division.

30. Any player who has subbed in at least 1 match for a team, will be eligible for playoffs so long as the captain notifies the DBV

Administrator to formally request the sub be added to the team roster. This must occur prior to the week of playoffs. DBV reserves the right to allow/disallow subs during the regular season or playoffs if he/she believes the sub’s level of play is consistent or significantly inconsistent with either the member the sub is replacing or if their level of play is far greater than the league average.

31. It is the responsibility of the winning team to report match results. Please send an email to submit results if they are not reported to a staff member at the courts.